Duggar Family Survey: Fans Indifferent About Pregnancy Announcement

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Posted Nov 10, 2011
Anne Pilon

This week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, known for the TLC show ’19 Kids and Counting,’ announced that they are expecting their 20th child. Fans around the country were surprised by this news. Were more people upset or happy about the family’s announcement? And what is the overall consensus on the Duggar family?

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Meet the Duggars

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 28.4% of respondents said they have watched ’19 Kids and Counting’ (formerly ’18 Kids and Counting’ before the couple had their last child). But many of those who haven’t seen the show still know of the Duggar family. 47.4% of respondents knew of the family and 52.6% did not.


Of those who know of the Duggars, 48.7% actually said they were indifferent about the news of the family’s newest addition. 23.3% were surprised, 16.9% were angry or upset, 16.4% were confused, and 14.3% were happy for them.

Who Are They?

While only 6.9% of respondents said they agree with the family’s views, most didn’t seem to have much of a problem with the family in general. 40.2% of respondents said they seem like nice people, and 32.3% said they seem like good parents, while only 20.1% of respondents said they seem crazy and only 5.8% said they seem like bad parents.So it seems that Americans don’t necessarily agree with the Duggars when it comes to their views and lifestyle, but they support their rights to make those decisions. The newest family member is still several months away, but fans will likely continue to tune in for ’20 Kids and Counting.’Photo Credit: 22 Weeks Pregnant from Flickr

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