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Posted Mar 10, 2020
Tiffany Mullin

Last month, our product team worked tirelessly on a series of exciting improvements that make using the aytm platform easier than ever.

Aytm expanded its TURF analysis, updated Data Lab, and added Smart Loops and Logic Guide. Read on to learn more about what we’ve been up to.

TURF analysis, now for more question types
Before, TURF analysis was only available for our MaxDiff question type. Now you can easily download the TURF simulator report with checkboxes, sliders, stars, smileys, and progressive matrix (single choice) and Virtual Questions.

The beauty of TURF is that it takes a list of answer choices and generates things like Reach and Frequency, which are used to see the top choices made based on the outputs. Our latest update expands TURF analysis to multiple question types, giving you added visibility into what consumers want, allowing you to make critical business decisions faster. 

Access TURF under the Export icon on your Stats page.

Learn more about TURF analysis.

Work smarter, not harder with Smart Loops
Get ready to reduce your survey programming time to just minutes. With Smart Loops, you can quickly repeat a series of questions, customize them using text variables and images, and control how many times each respondent goes through the loop. Try Smart Loops for concept testing, input creatives, ads, concept names, prices, tag-lines, and more. 

To use this new feature, simply click on a question type icon and then the Smart Loop button in the menu OR click to add a new question at the bottom of the Survey Editor page then click the Smart Loop button to add a new empty Smart Loop builder to a survey.

Read more about Smart Loops.

Master aytm Logic
With aytm Logic, you can customize each respondent’s survey experience based on their answers and your methodological needs, effectively showing a different survey depending on what kinds of responses you receive. 

It allows you the flexibility to design almost any survey you can imagine, including everything from simple skip logic and piping to advanced survey methodologies including custom variables and monadic testing. 

With our latest update, we’ve brought information from the Resource section directly into the Survey Editor, making it easier than ever to use aytm Logic to program your own surveys. Search for logic syntax with descriptions and examples, copy and paste syntax with one click, and drag and drop live logic examples directly into your survey.

Give Logic Guide a try. Simply click on the icon on the left side of the Survey Editor. Search for logic syntax with descriptions and examples, copy and paste syntax with one click, and drag and drop live logic examples directly into your survey.

Learn more about the new Logic Guide.

Create custom charts with AYTM Data Lab & Virtual Questions
Aggregate responses given on the same or different questions of a survey. Virtual Questions allow you to monitor quotas on the stats page and create new reports using combined questions. You can filter, export, and use them with Crosstab or Sig Testing.

To add a Virtual Question to your survey, find the Data Lab tab from the left menu of your Stats page. You can then "drag and drop" the VQ into your survey data.

Learn more about how to use Virtual Questions in your next survey.

For more information and a demonstration of our newest features and updates, CONTACT US at [email protected] or 415-364-8601. 

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