IIEX North America 2020

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Posted Sep 09, 2020
Tiffany Mullin

Join us at IIeX North America for our panel discussion where you will hear from industry leaders and change-makers who transitioned their research to a more agile approach and our tech demo where we will explore the issue of response-level data quality and reveal for the first time a completely new approach to combating crappy data on aytm's platform.

Agile in Action: How successful innovation teams level up

Learn how they got the ball rolling in their organization and how they scaled early wins. Join the panel discussion with aytm’s VP of Digital Transformation and longtime CPG insider, Sarah Snudden, Diego Hahn from Proctor and Gamble, Heather Dallam from ExxonMobil and Kristin Carrillo from Del Monte Foods.


Key Takeaways

  • Explore the benefits of being increasingly agile--and what it takes to get there
  • Hear the ‘origin stories’ of how they got started and then built on initial successes
  • Get their perspective on what they look for in partners and methodologies that let them get high-quality results faster while stretching their time and dollars farther

Questions Covered:

  • How are you deriving value from agile insights?
  • What types of research have you moved to an agile approach?
  • How has it impacted your organization?
  • Use cases for advanced research tests
  • What attributes are most important to you when choosing digitally-enabled vendors?

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 3-3:30pm ET


Sarah Snudden - VP of Digital Transformation

Diego Hahn -  Senior Manager, Analytics & Insights, North America Oral Care
Proctor and Gamble

Heather Dallam - Global Fuels Market Research & Data Analytics Manager

Data Centrifuge - Cleaner Data for Reliable Insights

Aytm Co-founder & CEO, Lev Mazin will explore the issue of response-level data quality and reveal for the first time a completely new approach to combating crappy data. Data Centrifuge, Aytm’s automated data cleaning engine, features a spectrum of vectors that analyze respondent behavior, automatically identifying factors that affect the integrity of survey responses — while recognizing the good completes. Sophisticated algorithms analyze patterns, spotting anomalies in the data — some of which would be invisible to human analysts. This must-attend demo is ideal for researchers who have grown frustrated by increasing online fraud, which compromises panel data quality.


Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 4-4:30pm ET

Lev Mazin - CEO and Co-founder

Dale Gilliam - Director of Product Strategy

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