Most Commonly Missed AYTM Platform Features

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Posted Dec 07, 2017
Tiffany Mullin

There’s no question that AYTM’s platform is layered with functionality. From targeting to survey design, and data presentation, just to name a few.Functionality is so deep, in fact, that it’s easy for key features to get lost for even the most advanced user. In an effort to help you get the most from the platform we've developed a handy list of our most frequently missed or misused features.

Adding Notes to Your Survey

​More often than not, you’re not the only one involved in your survey design. Collaboration is often necessary from strategic, workflow, and bandwidth standpoints. There are ways you can synchronize efforts while preserving the integrity of your survey and its goal. One very simple tip is to use the Notes function so that there’s continuity amongst your team. Keep your design chain synchronized and your data quality will follow suit. Start by locating your survey title under “Drafts” on your dashboard, clicking on the gear icon to the right and following these simple instructions.

Cloning a Survey

We all have very little time in our day. Creating efficiencies and finding shortcuts is essential. AYTM’s Survey Cloning functionality can cut minutes, in some cases, hours off of design time. Add this simple shortcut to your next survey endeavor and use your spare time for more strategic thinking…or Netflix binging…or data mining. Take your pick. To clone a survey, click on the Dashboard tab at the top of the survey page and follow these simple instructions.

Results Preview

Launching your survey is exciting but waiting to see results is not. Luckily, AYTM is all about instant gratification. Our Results Preview gives you instantaneous, real-time results so that you don’t have to wait for the survey to complete to see progress. Take advantage of the results preview and start seeing—and sharing—your data the minute it comes in. To check on your survey results, navigate to your live survey on your dashboard, click on ‘Surveys in Progress’, and follow these simple instructions.

Demographic Quotas

The world is not a flat 50/50 on all demographics. To ensure proper balance you will want your sample to run parallel with the U.S. Census population. AYTM has a built in Quota Balancing feature to make it easy. Quota Balancing is an extra option to further ensure your sample is accurate. You can activate our Demographic Quotas option on the Target Market page by clicking on the “Scale” icon to the right of the ‘Demographic Trait, and then following these simple instructions.

Random Logic

When it’s necessary to remove biases and comparisons from your survey, as well as truly isolate your product, you can rely on AYTM’s Random Logic functionality to do this for you. Based on monadic design testing principles, the Random Logic (Product Testing) feature allows you to present your respondent with an individual concept or product so that you get a completely clean read on that stimuli. To apply Skip and Random Logic, click on the "Rabbit" icon to the right of your survey question and you’ll get two different options: Direct Skip and Random. Depending on what you’re looking to do, follow these simple instructions.Some of these tips you may already know. If you do, that’s what we like to hear. If you don’t, hopefully this improves your AYTM experience that much more. If you have any additional questions about AYTM’s functionality, please reach out to [email protected] or click the chat bubble at the bottom right-hand portion of our website to start a conversation with one of our helpful Client Service Specialists.

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