Netflix Survey: Subscribers Happy with Overall Experience

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Posted Aug 16, 2011
Anne Pilon

Netflix, a subscription-based entertainment provider, delivers movies and television shows to millions of subscribers each day. Through on-demand streaming and DVD delivery, the California-based company has grown steadily since its launch in 1997. So what keeps drawing in new subscribers to Netflix?



In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 29.7% of respondents said they currently subscribe to Netflix. Of those subscribers, 34.7% said they watch it more often than regular TV or any other type of entertainment. 26.4% said they watch it about as often as they watch TV, and 35.5% said they watch it less often than they watch TV. Only 3.3% of subscribers said they rarely ever watch Netflix.So what do people enjoy about their Netlix subscriptions? 65.3% of respondents said they were satisfied with the variety available via streaming, while 31.4% said they were unsatisfied. 71.1% said they were satisfied with the variety available on DVD, while only 7.5% said they were unsatisfied. Delivery time for DVDs is another crowd pleaser, with 73.5% who are satisfied and only 7.5% who are unsatisfied. Price, picture and sound quality, and customer service also received high marks from respondents. So it’s not surprising that 74.4% of Netflix users said they are satisfied with their overall experience, and only 9.1% said they are unsatisfied.


So what about the other 70.3% of respondents who do not currently subscribe to Netflix? Of those respondents, 31.5% used to subscribe but no longer do, 62.9% are aware of Netflix offerings but have never subscribed, and 5.6% were never aware of Netflix offerings.The most common reason for not subscribing was price, which was selected by 38.5% of respondents. Another 34.3% said they have simply never considered subscribing. Only 9.8% selected lack of variety or options, 7% said they use a similar entertainment provider instead, and 3.8% were never aware of Netflix.


Whether through Netflix, TV, movies, live theater, or online videos, Americans love being entertained. 10.8% of respondents said they spend over 40 hours per week on entertainment, 16.5% spend 26-40 hours per week, 30.2% spend 11-25 hours per week, and 36.6% spend 1-10 hours per week. Only 5.9% said they don’t spend any time on entertainment.The way Americans watch TV and movies is constantly changing. Netflix currently has a large subscriber base and pretty high customer approval ratings. Will more and more people begin using it as their primary entertainment source?Photo Credit: Conclusion: Netflix envelopes = tasty from Flickr

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