New Features for Better Survey Building: Autocomplete, Question Library, Survey History & More

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Posted Nov 09, 2018

AYTM Logic now with Autocomplete

AYTM logic allows you the flexibility to program almost any survey you can imagine on our platform, everything from simple skip logic and piping to advanced survey methodologies, including custom variables and monadic surveys. This powerful tool starts with a series of statements written in [square brackets] added directly to your survey. AYTM logic now has a new Autocomplete feature which acts as a tour guide as you create your logic statements. With the first square bracket, the autocomplete will populate all available logic options. You can browse the list and when the correct statement is highlighted hit enter to populate or you can continue typing to fill in the logic statement.

When you finish each statement, Autocomplete will change to the next available logic set until you complete your statement and use the right square bracket, ], to end the statement. The AYTM system is not omnipresent…yet! However, this is the next step in error proofing logic programming.

Question Library

You asked for it, and we delivered. We have launched a fan favorite request, a survey Question Library. With the new Question Library, you can easily bookmark frequently used survey questions and add them to any future survey. You have the ability to save individual questions or groups of questions at any stage of design. Activate the Library by clicking on the icon, select questions using the checkbox to the left of the survey question numbers. From here they will be added to the waiting room of the library indicated at the top right-hand side of your screen.

You can then drag and drop them into the library to save for future surveys. You will be prompted to name the question or questions, which will be called "snippets" and provide an optional description. If you are on a team account (PRIME or CORP members) you can select if the snippet will be visible to only you or the entire team. You can now utilize these questions on any future survey, saving you countless programming time.

Wait, it does more!

In addition to saving questions for future surveys, you can use the Question Library to replicate groups of questions quickly and easily. Simply click on all the questions in your group and then you can drag, clone, and drop the entire set of questions to a different part of your survey. This allows you to program Sequential Monadic surveys in a fraction of the time or simply reorder questions more seamlessly.


Our new Survey History feature not only autosaves snapshots as you edit your survey but also allows you to manually save snapshots. So if you’ve gone a little overboard with reordering your survey questions using the new Question Library or simply want to revert back to an older version of a survey, simply select a snapshot and viola, you are back where you want to be.


The last feature update is a simple but useful collaboration tool. You can now leave comments in the Survey Editor. You have the ability to add comments at the survey level or on individual questions. Anyone with Survey Editor access is able to leave comments, even if they don’t have an AYTM account. Collaborate with teammates and peer review surveys without disrupting the flow of the survey – add, edit or delete comments as the survey progresses without ever leaving the Survey Editor.

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