The Secret of Highly Prolific Insights Teams

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Posted Apr 02, 2021
Tiffany Mullin

You know that feeling when someone drops one more research request onto your team’s already overflowing plate? 

There are only two sensible options...

1: Crack open a bottle of wine (hey, it’s 5’oclock somewhere) and get ready to work your fingers to the bone. 

2: Bring in reinforcements. 

Assuming you’re not down with working 24-hour shifts, let’s discuss the importance of having a partner to support your research initiatives, and I’ll walk you through how some of our clients benefit from aytm’s world-class support. 

Instantly Increase Your Research Bandwidth

Small but mighty insights and innovation teams with limited resources benefit significantly from having an external support team available when questions arise. 

Look for a partner with fast response times and helpful solutions, offering the support you need to complete your research project effectively and without significant delays.

Take it from Keri Hughes, Market Research Manager for Consumer Insights and Research at Voya Financial. “We had a survey that we needed to get launched immediately, and we just did not have the ability internally, within that time frame, but we were able to rely on aytm to get it programmed and get it launched that day. It was really helpful and something we wouldn't have been able to do without them. I was definitely surprised with the level of support.” 

Delegate to Lighten Your Workload

DIY doesn’t always have to mean doing it alone. By opting for an agile partner with varying levels of support, teams low on internal resources can get help where they need it and when they need it. 

For some, that may mean full-service support. Others may only need to go that route when a specific type of project gets thrown their way or when a key member of their team is on vacation or parental leave. 

If you’re confident about everything except programming, make sure you have a partner that can help you with that. 

Or if you’re a pro from start to finish, maybe you do it all yourself but would feel more confident having someone else check it before you launch. 

“Some researchers might think about these two extremes of Do-it-Yourself or Full-Service, but we've been able to work with aytm in a gray space where I can do it on my own, using a specific template and get feedback from aytm, and we'll launch it, and we learn, and then I make some improvements and get feedback from aytm again, so it's truly this iteration of the insights process,” said Deborah A. Mendez Campos Reales, Shopper, and Consumer Insights Manager at Pharmavite. 

Today, the idea incubator within Pharmavite works in much more agile ways. And by that, we don't just mean quick turnarounds (although they are super fast). But “It's a mindset of going with a minimum viable product and iterating and improving on each iteration. And that applies to insights, so we might go with a concept test that is very basic, and then we would launch it, we would learn, we would improve, we would refine it to get better insights in the long-term, but also get timely insights in the short-term,” Deborah explained.

Having a research partner that provides you with the tools and support you need to be agile and iterative ultimately helps you to insert the voice of the consumer into every step of your innovation process, ensuring that your brand makes critical business decisions backed by reliable data. 

Make Advanced Research Simple

You want a consumer insights platform that simplifies every step of the research process, helping you achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Even with our more advanced techniques and data analysis tools, our clients save time. Keri found that her team turned reports around quicker when working with aytm compared with other market research suppliers.

“The more advanced techniques and data analysis tools that aytm has available allow us to save time on the back end, especially when it comes to reporting and cross tabs. We love that we can do our own Maxdiffs or run different monadic design tests on our own,” she explained. 

When the Product and Consumer Sciences team at CPG leader Kimberly-Clark wanted to optimize the packaging assortment for one of its major brands, they also turned to aytm. 

“We needed to screen down from 30 different packaging options to find the eight that would provide the greatest mass appeal without alienating too many buyers,” said Andy Basehoar, Senior Statistician at Kimberly-Clark. “Within four days from pressing go, we had our Maxdiff TURF analysis back.”

Depending on your specific research project, you can expect to have your results back in 24 to 72 hours with aytm. 

Find an Agile Research Partner

While aytm is a subscription-based company, our clients buy into more than a subscription to a DIY research platform; they buy into a partnership. We provide tools and support to enable successful agile research, which leads to successful business outcomes.

If, like most insights and innovation teams, your budget has dwindled and the number of research requests from stakeholders continues to pile up, forging a partnership with an agile research vendor that’s right for you is critical to your success. 

Find a partner who not only has cutting-edge technology solutions, including automated reporting and data visualizations but also, one that will truly support you in whatever way makes the most sense for your unique research environment. 

That’s the secret to becoming a research rockstar.

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