Q3 2021 Feature Releases

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Posted Oct 28, 2021
Trevor Brown

Enhancements Made For You

Nothing excites us more than upgrades. We’ve launched some amazing features this past quarter that are sure to make the insighter in you smile, too-- whatever way you research. Find out more about the new tools and capabilities that we’ve added to help you create incredible experiences on our platform. 

Dashboards and Teams 

As your team grows, let us grow with you. Newly designed team dashboards and sub-dashboards deliver a simple structure for effective teamwork. Now teams can effortlessly share survey data between users and allow colleagues from other teams to quickly review and clone projects others are running. Collaboration has never been easier. 

Insighter Benefits Include:

  • Bulk-select option to quickly move multiple projects at once
  • New search functionality to quickly and easily find surveys from anyone in your account
  • Ability to build out teams on the platform for shared visibility on projects

Get a full overview of your Dashboard here.

Open Ended Manual Tags

Thinking about adding open ended questions to your next survey but need help analyzing the comments? Tagging is a great way to begin analyzing open-ended questions because it allows you to label and categorize insightful comments. Save time uncovering common themes and get the most from your open-ended responses. 

Insighter Benefits Include:

  • Easily uncovering themes in your data
  • Categorize comments, filter, or even search by tags for a deeper analysis.

Learn more about Tags here!

Shelf Test

With store shelves becoming more competitive, it’s imperative that brands understand how consumers view their products compared to competitors. Now you can create photo-realistic shopping experiences for your consumers that mimic actual stores in a matter of minutes.

Our Shelf Test is truly automated, designed to cut down manual entry and deliver actionable insights in real-time. Now you don’t have to wait to see the types of products respondents prefer, how they make decisions, and the time they spend in the buying cycle.

Insighter Benefits include:

  • Automated programming and configuration: All you need to do is drag-and-drop your concepts and let our automation do the rest.
  • A growing library of pre-built shelves: Select the store, choose your shelf type, upload your planogram and instantly emulate a virtual shopping experience.
  • Actionable insights and real-time analysis: Understand all of your modalities right away to maximize product findability and purchase.
  • Advanced tools and capabilities: Leverage heatmaps, create word clouds, ask virtual questions, and run custom reports all from your aytm dashboard.

Checkout our self-help tutorials here

Stay tuned for more features created with you in mind!

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