Q4 2021 Feature Releases

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Posted Jan 13, 2022
Trevor Brown

#ICYMI More time saving, less time wasting

It's the most wonderful time of the year with new features galore! This quarter we've been hard at work building innovations that propel your research. Aytm is committed to insights-driven approaches that inspire business impact on many levels. So in case you missed it, now's your chance to dive into the details!

Shelf Test simulates real-world shopping experiences

Immersive shopping experience reimagined as an effortless automated quant test with aytm’s Shelf Test. You no longer have to spend weeks of painstakingly manual effort building a shelf test from scratch to see how your products perform on the shelves. At aytm, we’ve pulled out all the stops to create a truly automated and brilliantly immersive tool unlike any other.

With our Shelf Test you can:

  • Explore if new product arrangement will result in higher sales
  • Test discounts on lead products to monitor potential sales volume
  • Understand how much you can increase the price without losing share
  • Identify time shoppers are willing to spend reviewing the details of a new product

Data Weighting simplifies sampling

An imbalanced sample group is no longer the end of the world—aytm’s Data Weighting offers adaptability throughout the research process. Now you can easily ensure quality data that’s representative of your population! Data Weighting lets you fine-tune your final sample by assigning a weight to each person in your sample sample, reflecting their importance relative to the other respondents. 

With Data Weighting you can:

  • Incorporate weighted data in-platform with other stat tools like sigtest and filtering
  • Assign greater or lesser importance to respondents with certain characteristics that represent the population being studied
  • Target quotas for particular groups of respondents that remain unmet after fielding
  • Conduct post-fielding experimentation with different target groups that can be saved as separate reports

Our Target Market Page just keeps getting better 

Finding your sample has never been easier. No matter how specific or how vast your audience is, our newly designed Target Market Page is sure to boost productivity and save you time!

With our revamped Target Market Page you can:

  • Leverage house tags faster
  • Smoothly and quickly transition between the Survey Editor and Target Market Page
  • Manage multi-language survey traits easily by toggling between languages
  • Create combinations for smaller states, regions, and counties

Coming Soon…  Rapid Association 

Rapid Association turns knowledge into power 

Ever wonder what consumers subconsciously associate with your brand? Or how your brand is perceived compared to others? With Rapid Association, you can obtain and translate consumer insights into business decisions faster than ever. 

Built to explore the associations that consumers have with your brand or product concept, Rapid Association shows respondents stimuli and asks whether various term associations fit. Their choice data and response time is captured down to the millisecond to determine the strength of the connection between the association and the stimuli of interest.

Stay tuned for more features created with you in mind!

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