Q4 2022 feature release roundup

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Posted Jan 19, 2023
Tiffany Mullin

Empowering your insights in 2023

We’re committed to making improvements with you and your team in mind. With quicker turnaround times, limited resources, and the need for agile, it’s crucial to have a survey platform that can adapt to support your needs. This past quarter, we’ve been working to provide you with even more quality data for insights needed to make quick, effective business decisions.

Accelerate survey building with a reimagined question library

Streamline the way you build surveys with advanced searchability, saving, and tagging functionality. Drag-and-drop questions or blocks of questions  in the library to deliver consistent and essential data for stakeholders. Enjoy flexibility at your fingertips with the power to lock, customize, clone and edit access to snippets. 

A library that evolves with you. Updates to Question Library include:

  • Improved search and filtering capabilities
  • Established access management to snippets by team
  • Select and create a favorites library

What does this mean for you?  Build surveys even quicker, get faster results, and uncover insights for your team with turnaround time that will shock you!

Analyze your ad copy and images simultaneously with Heatmap 

Our updated heatmap now uses machine learning with image and character recognition technology so you can automatically cluster your images, words, and paragraphs. Now you can test test all of your creative materials at once.

  • Understand how a brand's messaging down to the word is perceived
  • Incorporate open-ended questions and analyze clusters
  • Choose from predefined pins or enter your own attributes to fit your needs
  • No coding required—from set up to analysis of easy-to-interpret visuals

See through the eyes of your consumer. Use Heatmap questions to arm yourself with the data and insights needed to optimize your ads, product messaging, packaging, and more!

Push the needle on purchase intent with Xpert Implicit: Purchase Appeal

Is purchase intent for your brand or product being driven  by implicit attitudes? Use aytm’s new Xpert Implicit: Purchase Appeal solution to determine whether those unconscious attitudes are the most important or if explicit attitudes are still worth considering to have the biggest impact on purchase intent.

This solution lets you compare traditional product appeal ratings (explicit attitudes) to the ability for your product materials to activate approach motivation (implicit attitudes) in order to determine the drivers behind purchase intent. 

  • Find out if your product information increase approach motivation 
  • Gauge how  appealing your consumers find your product 
  • Learn which attitudes lead to higher levels of purchase intent

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