AYTM Features: Redesigned Statistics Page & Data Lab

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Posted Dec 03, 2018

We are excited to roll out our redesigned statistics page and beta launch of Data Lab! The redesign of the statistics page is meant to streamline your analysis for easy report building. Take your analysis to the next level in the AYTM platform with Data Lab. Use AYTM’s Virtual Questions to build custom charts, create segments

New Statistics Features


When you log into your statistics page your default view will be the Reports tab. We will provide a raw data report named, “Original – as fielded”, as the main report. Use this report to quickly toggle to your complete data set. This report is static and cannot be edited or deleted so you will always have quick access. Anytime you filter away from the raw data you can create a new report to save a filtered view. Each report will have the ability to generate a report link allowing you to share your results.


With the new redesign, we merged all filter options under one tab for seamless filtering. You can now filter by demographics or questions and answers under the same icon. Something new under the Filter tab is the ability to filter by logic variables or virtual questions. If you used AYTM Logic to create variables for people using a smartphone you can quickly filter your survey by that variable now. If you add a virtual question to your statistics page you will also have the ability to filter as if it was any other question in your survey.

Advanced Mode

For our AYTM Logic fans, we now offer an advanced filtering mode. If you want to filter by a custom age range, show multiple choice as ‘or’ instead of ‘and’ you can now use AYTM Logic syntax in our “Advanced Mode” to create custom filter combinations.

Data Lab

Data Lab will allow you to take a deeper dive in your data without leaving the AYTM statistics page. Create Virtual Question and populate data from any question or demographic data point in your survey and create custom charts. Build custom views such as demographic traits as questions, custom age breakouts, increase question contrast (i.e. combine top 2 boxes) or merge results from multiple questions into one Virtual Question.From the Data Lab icon, you can drag and drop a virtual question anywhere in your survey. You will also have the ability to reorder Virtual Questions after they are created by dragging and dropping. Start by giving your Virtual Question a name then select demographic data or answers from the drop-down. You can also use the Advanced Mode and create custom segments with AYTM Logic syntax.Virtual Questions will act like any other question in your survey - they will have their own numbering, populate in the filters tab and be available in all exports. Create custom charts and reports in minutes directly in your AYTM statistics page!

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