Siri Survey: Multiple Voice Features Have Gained Users

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Posted Sep 23, 2013
Anne Pilon

Siri, the voice recognition assistant for certain iPhone models, is finally done with its beta period. In the years since its introduction, many more consumers have gained access to the feature. How many are satisfied with Siri’s abilities? And how many have used similar features on other smartphones?


Siri Users

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 16% of respondents said that they currently have an iPhone with Siri. Of those respondents, 21% said they use Siri often. 25% said they sometimes use Siri. 27% rarely use Siri. And 27% of those who have Siri said they never use the feature.

The number of people who have access to Siri has obviously grown in recent years. In an October 2011 survey, just 2% of respondents had an iPhone 4S, which was the only device with Siri at the time. However, another 15% of respondents were definitely interested in such a feature, and 49% said they would consider it.

Siri Satisfaction

30% of those who have used Siri said they are very satisfied with it. 57% said they are somewhat satisfied with Siri. 9% said they are somewhat unsatisfied. And 4% said they are very unsatisfied. In the October 2011 survey, 78% were at least somewhat satisfied with Siri.

Voice Features

But Siri isn’t the only voice assistant available on smartphones today. 15% of those who do not have Siri said they own a different smartphone with a voice recognition assistant similar to Siri. And of those respondents, 19% said they are very satisfied with their current voice assistant. 42% said they are somewhat satisfied. 15% said they are somewhat unsatisfied. And no respondents said they are very unsatisfied. 23% of respondents who have other voice assistants on their smartphones said they never actually use those features.

Photo Credit: iOS7 iPad from Flickr

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