Survey Editor 3.0:  Collaboration Made Easy with Real Time Editing

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Posted Jul 25, 2018
Tiffany Mullin

With the launch of Survey Editor 3.0 last month, we were able to make new and improved features with additional functionality for market researchers of all backgrounds. With that in mind, we continue to develop and implement more updates to our platform in order make creating surveys more streamlined and collaborative.   While the new editor launched with a focus on access and ease of collaborations and logic between teams. We are taking it one step further from just a shared view to the ability to swap editing privileges. With this new feature users are able to transfer editing privileges after they share their survey with another user. As you can see below, now located on the left side of the editing page - you can now select and pass the editor role.

Besides passing along the editor role, you will now be able to follow who has made edits to the survey, with our new follow feature. With the follow feature, when you are a viewer of a survey you will watch the editor work in real-time on the survey. As the editor moves and makes changes, you can collaborate as they go. Of course, you can turn off the follow feature and view the survey independently from the editor.  As you can see below, you can track who makes edits on your survey in real time by watching for the purple highlight. If you were to lose where the person making the edits is, just simply click the “skip to” arrow located on the side of the users name as appears on the left panel. Keep in mind, for you to see the edits of another user or to be able to change editing roles, you must first share access with the user by sending them a share link.

Another great addition to our survey editor platform is our update on open ended questions. Before, open ended questions were optional with no way to make them mandatory; this is not the case anymore. Now when you add a open ended question to you can choose between optional or mandatory.

Miss our release on Survey Editor 3.0? Read More about our new features HERE.

UPDATE 8/1/2018: Now on the dashboard, if the survey is opened by another user, there are now two options: view and take over.

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