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Posted Sep 04, 2020
Tiffany Mullin

According to The Q Report by Quirk’s Media, “Too many projects for our staff” is the number one pain point reported by market researchers. This should come as no surprise, as year after year, you’re expected to do more research with fewer resources. And things have likely gotten even worse since the start of the pandemic as your brand grapples with changing and unprecedented consumer behaviors.

But, savvy researchers understand that leveraging technology, including automation, is the key to meeting the demands being placed on you by internal and external stakeholders. 

Specifically, time saved during the survey programming phase is time that can be reallocated to doing what you do best – analyzing the data and making recommendations that move the needle for your organization. 

Enter: Smart Loops.

Streamline survey programming with Smart Loops

What is Smart Loops?

Smart Loops allows you to quickly repeat a series of questions, customize them using text variables, images, and videos, and control how many times each respondent goes through the loop. 

Smart Loops streamlines survey programming, dramatically speeding up your survey creation in the aytm platform. This feature has the power to transform light users into DIY’ers and DIY’ers into power users. It’s also a powerful tool for advanced researchers.

When to use Smart Loops

Suppose you need to evaluate a list of features and ask the same questions applied to each feature, but among various features, you had to copy the question and apply logic to each one to avoid having all of your respondents see the same question. For instance, if you posed five questions about 12 different features, you’d end up with five questions per feature for a total of 60 questions. You can see just how tedious designing this test would be. Not to mention, it makes for a very long survey. 

Smart Loops auto-populates your questions and allows you to get what you need to be evaluated with logic applied. Whether you have three concepts or 30, it takes only minutes to set up the framework.

With Smart Loops, you control how many groups of questions (nodes/legs) respondents will see. Toggle between Evenly and Randomly distributing respondents, or have each respondent see every question. To find out more use our Respondent Calculation tool within the Smart Loop builder.

Smart Loops is great for pure monadic and sequential monadic concept testing. But you can use it for input creatives, ads, concept names, prices, taglines, and more. 

Smart Loops is one more way aytm helps you scale your research efforts by reducing the amount of manual survey programming you’re required to do. This decrease in survey design work also minimizes the room for error when customizing your questions - further streamlining your research process. 

With Smart Loops, you can replicate groups of questions with just the click of a button. Learn how.

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