Touch Screen Survey: Most Users Happy with Touch Screen Technology

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Posted Jan 11, 2012
Anne Pilon

Throughout the past several years, touch screen phones and other devices have gained a lot of market share. One company is currently working on a new type of glass that might improve the usability of touch screens on phones such as the iPhone, but would users notice a difference? Are they happy with the current usability, or do they want something stronger that would keep their touch screen from breaking?

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In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 54% of respondents said they own or have owned a touch screen phone or other device. The remaining 47% had various reasons for not wanting one. 51% said they are too expensive, 39% said they have just never considered one, 9% said they are too difficult to use, and 6% said they are too fragile. Another 6% said they are actually considering purchasing a touch screen phone right now.

Not Too Fragile

The new glass in development would do a few things to improve touch screen phones, but it would not make the phone any more resistant to breaking or cracking, but is this actually a problem a lot of people have? Only 12% of respondents who own a touch screen said they’ve cracked their screen, 9% said they’ve scratched it, 7% said they’ve completely shattered it, and 4% said they’ve damaged it in another way. 79% of respondent said they’ve never damaged their touch screen in any way.

Very Satisfied

The ease of use is one thing that is supposed to be improved with the new glass. 46% said they’re already very satisfied with the ease of use of their touch screen. 39% said they’re satisfied, 11% were neutral, 3% were unsatisfied, and only 1% was very unsatisfied. When asked about what phone type they preferred overall, only 12% said they would prefer a phone with buttons, while 53% preferred a touch screen phone, and 27% would like a phone with both buttons and a touch screen.

Most of those who have tried using a touch screen phone seem pleased with the results, but there are still many people who have yet to switch over.

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