Unlimited Data Survey: About Half Satisfied With Data Costs

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Posted Dec 03, 2015

AT&T recently announced a change in its unlimited data plans. While the carrier stopped offering unlimited data options a few years ago, it has allowed those who already had those plans to keep them. Now, it’s raising the price for those plans by $5 per month. How many people would be willing to pay more for unlimited data if more carriers offered it? And how many prefer other types of data plans?

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Unlimited Data

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 42% of smartphone owners said they currently have an unlimited data plan. 26% have a plan that limits the amount of data they can use each month. 23% have shared data plans. And 3% have other types of plans like prepaid ones. The remaining 6% are unsure.

Data Plans

Of those who do not currently have an unlimited data plan, 54% of respondents said that they are satisfied with the amount of data in their current plans. 20% said they are unsatisfied with the amount of data in their current plans. And 26% are neutral or have no opinion. Since some carriers don’t offer unlimited data plans to new customers, there are some people who might be interested in taking advantage of those options even though they don’t already. 40% of those who don’t have unlimited data said they would be likely to pay a bit more for unlimited data if their carrier made such plans available.

Data Cost

Overall, 49% of smartphone owners said they are at least somewhat satisfied with the cost of their current data plan. 27% are unsatisfied. And 23% are neutral about the cost of their data plans. Those with unlimited data plans were 13% more likely to be satisfied with the cost of their plans.You can view the complete survey results in the widget below and be sure to click “Open Full Report” to take advantage of all the chart and filter options.Photo Credit: AT&T AT and T Go Phone, Unlimited Talk Text Data from FlickrWhat do you want to know? If you need some consumer insights on a particular topic, let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for an upcoming survey post.

Results were collected on December 2 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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