Why aytm’s Global Panel Continues to be Ranked #1

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Posted Jul 22, 2021
Trevor Brown

Did you know aytm has one of the highest-rated panels on SurveyPolice for over five years in a row? Ranked #1, our panel keeps respondents in mind to provide you with better survey data without compromising respondents' experience. So here’s why we think respondents can’t get enough of our panel and how that positively affects your data.

Leading with Empathy
In 2009, when aytm began, we knew we wanted a panel of our own - with trials and tribulations, we saw how some other panels didn’t take respondents' time as much into consideration when fielding a survey, so we knew that was something we wanted to really lead with. Empathy is not only a core value in our own company beliefs, but it extends to those in our panel. We not only take our respondents’ time into consideration (LOI - Length of Interview), but we also make sure they get a consistent experience with survey design by only sending out surveys programmed through aytm.

Respondents are also always compensated for their time even if they do not qualify for a survey sent to them. Plus, our respondents are further rewarded if they continue to provide honest and thoughtful responses with our Traitscore system.

We believe that by providing a positive experience for all panelists, we help to ensure excellent data quality.

The Proof is in the Pudding
You may be asking yourself - “Well, how do they really know they have a great rapport with their panelists?” Our Panel has always grown organically, by recommendation only - we don’t advertise or market to get more panelists. Our panelists love the experience and share it with their friends and family. With a 100mm+ worldwide panel, we think that speaks pretty highly to how much our panelists enjoy PaidViewpoint. But hey - don’t take our word for it...take theirs.

And more!

Diversity World Wide
With access to millions of respondents in over 40 countries with  20 languages - we know the importance of having a diverse panel, which is why we are always looking for new ways to expand our panel into other regions and countries, making it more accessible for all.


By keeping our panel community exclusive to aytm, we ensure that our PaidViewpoint panelists are not only treated fairly but are not exposed to overly long, crippled, or mobile-incompatible surveys. 

Aytm is constantly working to build, diversify, and maintain the trustworthiness of our panel in an effort to stay #1 in the hearts and minds of our panelists and continue to provide an unmatched degree of data quality for our clients.

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