Immersive shopping experience reimagined as an effortless automated quant test

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Posted Oct 26, 2021
Trevor Brown

Quantifying consumers’ purchase behavior in an authentic shopping environment can be expensive and time-consuming. When we set out to build our Agile Shelf Test, we envisioned a tool that empowers real-time, automated insights to inform shelf placement, fine-tune packaging concepts, and deepen brands’ overall understanding of the shopping journey. 

To bring innovative solutions for evolving needs

According to the 2021 GRIT Business & Innovation report 63% of buyers agree that adopting automation will enable researchers to complete projects faster. 57% agree it will empower them to do more with less and 56% say it will help them even gain competitive advantage.  

As store shelves become more and more competitive, it’s imperative that brands understand how consumers view their products compared to competitors. And with a truly automated shelf test designed to cut down manual entry and deliver actionable insights in real-time, consumer purchasing preferences  become infinitely more accessible.

To design real-world shopping experiences

With aytm’s new Agile Shelf Test, you can create photo-realistic shopping experiences for your consumers that mimic actual stores—and you can do it in a matter of minutes. Our high-definition, photo-realistic interface is designed to capture the sentiment of shopping in a real store. Respondents can open doors, grab products off a shelf, and examine them in 3D in order to make decisions that drive insights. 

To empower you to build faster

It used to be that building a shelf test came with hours of tedious manual labor—including building shelf designs from the ground up. Our new tool has taken care of all that work for you, granting you access to a constantly growing library of pre-build shelves from stores like Target, Costco, Publix, Walgreens, and many more.

Now you don’t need to know how to program a shelf test in order to one. Simply drag and drop your images into our Agile Shelf Test and our auto-flow mode will automatically set product facings exactly how you want your audience to see them. You can even tap into our simple aytm logic in order to specify the exact order and mimic your planogram. 

To bring you actionable insights in real-time

With our Agile Shelf Test,  analysis is truly automated—so you get access to charts, stunning data visualizations, and storytelling capabilities as soon as your survey launches. That means you can almost immediately start analyzing data on purchase intent, purchase amount, purchase spend, consumer attention span, and time to cart. 

Agile Shelf Test can be used to answer key questions that can inform your brand’s product development, delivering real product testing  and compelling answers to questions like:

  • Does our product stand out against competitors?
  • Will consumers notice our new package designs? 
  • Which features stand out the most? 
  • What price range do consumers perceive to be appropriate and acceptable for our product?

And that’s just the beginning. With aytm’s automated dashboard, you can leverage heatmaps, create word clouds, add virtual questions, and run custom reports to share your findings with the team.

To make shelf testing easy, powerful, and agile

We heard it was impossible to make a tool that was fast, easy, and robust. So why did aytm reimagine the shelf test? Because we believe you should have all three! Want to see for yourself? Check out our tutorials here

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