AYTM Releases Automated TURF Analysis, Image Response and More

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Posted Sep 12, 2018
Tiffany Mullin

Since the release of Survey Editor 3.0, the AYTM team has been working tirelessly to deliver more product updates and new features to the platform. In the past month, we have added some new exciting features including Automated Turf Analysis, Image Response, Artificial Response Generator and more. Learn more about our latest features below.

Advanced Maxdiff HB Now with Automated Turf Analysis

With our latest update to Maxdiff HB you now have the ability to automate TURF analysis. TURF analysis, which stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency can be used to see variants of products and services which allows the researcher to analyze the right mix of products and services for optimal results. Prior to this release there was no way to determine how activating several items at once would affect overall performance. However, we found that most clients download the raw utility scores and then perform in-house TURF simulations. We knew we could help automate this task. Now, with automated TURF analysis, you will be able to download the report with TURF after selecting “HB+TURF” as type of Maxdiff you want to run, prior to launching the survey.

Image Response

Image Response, much like video response, gives users the ability to ask their respondents for visual responses to questions. This includes both the ability to capture a snapshot via webcam, take a photo from your camera library (via mobile) or even scan or manually enter a QR code. Users also have the ability to provide instruction text or upload their own image to provide direction.

Generate Artificial Responses in Draft Mode

Also included in this release is an Artificial Response Generator. The Artificial Response Generator is helpful when trying to show what type of data can be gathered by running the survey as it appears in draft mode. When applied to the drafted survey, the page will generate a statistics page filled with artificial responses that are randomly generated. When complete, a link will appear allowing users to  access the stats page.

Please note that once the survey is launched and out of draft mode the generated responses will disappear.

Multi-team Feature

Are you a member of team on AYTM or do you want to create a team? Not a problem! Now on AYTM team management is easy. Team admins can now invite anyone to be on their team (so long as they have a seat reserved) including users who own other team accounts. Users are now able to switch between teams using the dropbox located in the top right corner next to the their name. Users should be aware that for security purposes multiple users cannot share any assets between teams only inside teams. Information which includes; people, surveys, transactions, payment methods, budgets, etc.

Interested in learning more about team accounts? Contact support.

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