7 Reasons PaidViewpoint was Named the Top Survey Panel for Five Years Running + 5 Reasons Clients Love it Too

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Posted Feb 17, 2020
Tiffany Mullin

Aytm’s proprietary consumer panel, PaidViewpoint.com, received top honors as the #1 User-Rated USA Survey Platform by independent review site, SurveyPolice.com, for the 5th consecutive year. 

We built PaidViewpoint on four basic principles:

  • We pay cash for every completed market research survey.
  • We never screen out a panelist after inviting them into a survey.
  • We take "boring" out of the survey answering experience.
  • We respect privacy and do not sell personally identifiable information to anyone.

Panelists love PaidViewpoint because we consistently uphold these promises, offering them an engaging and respectful survey-taking experience every time they visit the site. 

Aytm clients love PaidViewpoint too. Let’s dig into all the reasons PaidViewpoint won the top spot.

Why Panelists Love PaidViewpoint

Established - Launched in 2011, PaidViewpoint is an established leader among online survey panels. The site has withstood the test of time, outlasting other run of the mill panels that have come and gone and retained its status at the number one choice among panelists.  

Reliable - PaidViewpoint offers PayPal cash (and gift cards in the USA) for taking surveys, and ‘trait surveys’ make it possible to earn a bit of income every day, which is paid out after meeting required thresholds. Panelists trust us to reward them for their time, every time, and we never disappoint. 

Attentive customer service - Very few users experience problems with the platform, and in the rare times they do, they find that PaidViewpoint’s level of customer service is unparalleled. We value our panelists, and therefore, thoughtfully and quickly remedy any issues they face.

User-friendly website - PaidViewpoint users consistently report a great experience interacting with the platform. It’s designed to be intuitive and with the panelists’ survey-taking experience in mind. 

Open internationally - While the US is our largest market, users from around the globe can experience success with the site.

Built on trust - PaidViewpoint's TrustScore system assesses the honesty and consistency of survey respondents and incentivizes these characteristics. The higher a panelists TraitScore, the more they can earn per survey and the more survey invitations they receive. It’s a win/win for both survey takers and aytm clients.

Exclusive - We value the PaidViewpoint respondents’ experience and by keeping this community exclusive to aytm, we ensure they’re treated fairly and that they’re always invited to participate in surveys that are short, engaging, functional, and compatible across all of their devices.

Why Clients Love PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint.com is exclusively available to aytm clients and doesn’t participate in any external marketplaces. Below are five reasons clients also love our proprietary panel. 

1. Bot Patrol - We have several technical safeguards in place to identify and prevent bots from taking client surveys, including IP/cookie verifications, log in patterns of different connected accounts, reCAPTCHA, honeypots to uniqueness and validity verification of a phone number and a Paypal account. Our TrustScore also helps us to spot a bot from a mile away, because a bot can’t understand the same questions formulated in a slightly different manner.

2. No Duplicates - We go way beyond double opt-in, asking people interested in becoming members of our US panel to enter and verify a unique phone number and a valid PayPal account. We also perform a second verification before they can cash out. We automatically detect and block IP numbers and use PayPal API to link different email aliases to validate that the account is connected to a unique, valid bank checking account. 

Lastly, aytm developed a unique in-house deduplication solution powered by Graphs and capable of linking millions of objects together in real time to identify and prevent situations when a suspicious number of IP addresses, session cookies, surveys and UUIDs are linked together. All of these checks and balances ensure that our clients don’t have to deal with duplicates, which compromises the integrity of their data.

3. Verified Target Audience - We use a third-party service called IMPERIUM / Verity to check respondents’ name and US mailing address. Based on the response, we can adjust the TrustScore and ultimately, their chances of receiving a client survey.

4. Balancing by Census - We offer our clients an easy way to balance their sample by up to two nested quotas to mimic the US Census breakdown that is presented and calculated on our target market page. Custom quota groups are also available. 

5. Verified Response Quality - We offer clients an ability to reject up to 5% of respondents when reviewing the open-ended responses provided in 100% DIY fashion. When rejected, we automatically remove respondents and all of their answers from the survey, and it is immediately returned to fielding to collect replacements. This feature allows us to monitor our panel quality in comparison to partner panels. PaidViewpoint’s quality is 3-40x higher than other major partner panels with excellent reputations in the industry. 

We also mask any clients’ pre-qualification questions in a pack of up to 10 profiling questions. Respondents know that in order to keep their TrustScore high, they must answer honestly and consistently; they don’t know which question in the pack will open the survey for them. This  helps us achieve an excellent and highly relevant sample.

There you have it, so many reasons to love PaidViewpoint. Not only does it provide the industry’s best survey-taking experience for panelists, but it also knocks it out of the park for clients who love that they can get their panelists and survey platform all in one place while trusting that the data they receive is of the highest quality.

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