Q2 2022 Feature Release Roundup: What's new at aytm?

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Posted Aug 03, 2022
Tiffany Mullin

Another quarter in the books and lots of new and exciting features to discuss! We were  hard at work in Q2 building new and innovative ways to propel your research forward. Last week, we walked through each of these releases in our Q2 2022 Spotlight, part of our new quarterly updates webinar series. But in case you missed it, here are the highlights!

Rapid Association taps into system 1 thinking

You’ve probably seen the claims: “95% of thinking is System 1,” and  “95% of mental activity is unconscious.” Although the former may be an oversimplification of the latter, the fact remains that much of our day-to-day decision making occurs under the radar. But how can we test decisions made with limited thinking and occur almost automatically?

Our new Rapid Association tool helps you tap into respondents' system 1 thinking to capture their instinctual, gut reactions to your products, advertisements, or other ideas.  This is done by restricting the time factor required for System 2 thought and decisions.  Respondents begin by viewing your creative material, such as a logo, static image ad, or product design, for a set number of seconds, which you control.  Following this, respondents are shown a series of attributes, generally short adjectives, that may or may not be associated with the image they just viewed.  They must quickly choose one of two options, such as “Fit” or “Not Fit” before the word disappears and a new one is shown in its place. By requiring respondents to only have 1 or 2 seconds to make a decision, you can have increased confidence that you are invoking the intuitive, gut level responses you are looking for.


Capture reactions in real time with Impression Dial

Traditionally in survey research, video or audio clips are presented to respondents for viewing then ask follow-up questions around reactions. What stuck out, what they liked, disliked, and more. But have you ever wanted to capture reactions to your media in real time? That is exactly what aytm's new impression dial question type allows you to do. Inspired by in-person dial testing, respondents are presented with a sliding scale that they actively engage with as they watch a video, allowing them to provide real-time reactions.

Whether you’re validating a final ad for your new product or service, A/B testing different cuts, testing storyboards, or going outside of the advertising box, see what insights Impression Dial can unlock in your next media test.


Solutions Center makes getting started easier than ever

We also recently released our new Solutions Center, a comprehensive marketplace of DIY, automated, and customizable solutions. Solutions Center is built to empower researchers with a collection of agile and adaptable tools. It features expert-automated templates (Xpert Solutions) and fully customizable research tests. It will become the go-to place to browse all of aytm's offerings that meet researchers' unique needs during any research stage.

We like to think of Solutions Center as a starting point—whether you’re looking to execute a fast DIY study all on your own, looking for support from aytm’s research experts, or don’t know where to start, Solutions Center makes starting your project easy by cataloging and organizing aytm’s robust arsenal of methods and approaches.


Stay tuned for more!

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