Tutorial: How to Get Respondents to Upload Video Responses

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Posted Sep 25, 2018

Online surveys are quantitative by design, and usually have limited qualitative elements. In order to gain qualitative data, try AYTM’s video response feature. This question type allows you to collect short webcam videos of respondents answering questions, viewing a concept or creative or watching a video. Using this video response feature you’ll not only be able to collect deeper insights but you will also add qualitative feedback to your analysis. Using AYTM Video Response question type is as simple as dragging and dropping the question into your survey. The hardest part is crafting a question and creating a comfortable space that respondents will want to interact and record a video of themselves.

How to Use Video Responses

When you are creating your survey, you can add the Video Response question two ways.

  1. You can drag and drop the question from the left side of the Survey Editor. Look for the webcam icon.  
  1. You can also add by clicking on the “new +” button under the last question in your survey. Scroll to the bottom of the Survey Editor page and click to bring up our menu of question types.

Once the question type is added to your survey you will need to select how many total videos you would like by entering the number in the box below the question.

Now that the question is where you want in your survey and the number of videos has been selected you will craft your questions and instructions. We provide a few ways to go about this:

  1. Add Instructions: This option allows you provide text instructions and questions.
  2. Upload an Image: You can upload an image for respondents to review and provide feedback.
  3. Upload a Video: You can upload a video, commercial etc.
  4. No Context: If you don’t want or need to use any of the options above you can use this option.

Each option has space for talking points and prompts, even the no context option. We always recommend providing background and/or talking points for respondents, more on this later. When the survey completes you will be able to download the videos as mp4 files for statistics page.

How to Get the Best Responses

Now that you know how to create a Video Response question you must decide what you want respondents to provide feedback on and how many videos to collect. We recommend using the Video Response question as small part of your total feedback as not all respondents will be prepared or willing to record a video of themselves. Usually 10% of your total respondents will provide enough videos. When crafting the questions and talking points, keep in mind that the respondents who do not choose to record a video will not see these questions, so  make sure it’s not something the entire group will need to view. This question should be reserved for a deeper dive on the overall survey. You can for example show them any logo, commercial or tagline that was shown previously and ask them to answer specific talking points or give feedback. You can also start a survey with Video Reponses and get top of mind feedback. You need to provide enough information for them to provide feedback without introducing any bias. Respondents will generally go over each talking point one at a time. To collect 30 second videos, we recommend 1-2 talking points and for a 1-minute video you would need to provide 2-4 talking points.  

The Takeaway

Video Responses are very versatile and can be applied to many different methodologies. Anytime you want respondents to answer in their own words would be a good use case for video responses. When a few sentences from an open-ended question or a list of answers won’t be enough. Video Responses will provide that extra qualitative feedback in the same speedy fashion we complete any survey. Take your report to the next level by adding a few sound bites from respondents.

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