Afghanistan Survey Results: Americans Angry Over Lost Tax Dollars

A new report was released this week stating that a percentage of the money the US sends to Afghanistan is literally disappearing, possibly into the hands of insurgents, because of inconsistent Afghan cooperation, limited inter-agency communication, and insufficient funds and resources.


Mistakes are Nothing New

Understandably, many Americans were upset upon hearing this news – upset, but not surprised. In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 44.3% of respondents said they were not surprised by the lost money. 48% said they were offended that their tax dollars were lost. 19% were scared of possible insurgent action. 24.9% were angry with the Afghan government, and 36.9% were angry with the US government.

The reason many were not surprised by this news is that they have not been happy with the way the US government has handled the war in Afghanistan. In’s survey, 42.6% of respondents said they feel the US has handled the situation poorly, and 23.6% said they’ve handled it very poorly. Only 2.5% of people feel it has been handled very well, and 11.8% said it has been handled well. 19.5% were neutral.

What Now?

Moving forward, many believe that the US should do something about the way taxpayer money is spent in Afghanistan. 53.2% of respondents said the US should just stop sending taxpayer money to Afghanistan altogether, 21.2% said the US should just decrease the money that is sent to Afghanistan, and 14.8% said the US should continue to spend money but just find a better way of tracking it.

Other Uses for Tax Dollars

It’s no secret that the US is not in the most comfortable financial situation at the moment, and the money that is lost in Afghanistan could easily fund other Federal programs. Most of’s respondents felt that stimulating the economy and creating jobs are the most pressing issues for the federal government, followed closely by decreasing the US debt, and then funding Social Security and Medicare. Less than 8% of respondents thought that funding foreign aid, defense, Homeland Security, and other programs were the most important issues on which to focus.

According to most Americans, the government has made many missteps during its time in Afghanistan. The lost money is just the latest issue to come to light. Will the government listen to the public and decrease funding, or will the situation continue to get worse before it gets better?

Photo Credit: Afghanistan from Flickr

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