Android Wear Survey: Smart Watch Buyers Likely to Choose Google

Google has begun a new initiative called Android Wear, which will focus on new wearable tech sometimes referred to as smart watches. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch has already been released, and more versions are expected to come out in the future. How do people feel about this type of product? And how likely would they be to buy a Google smart watch?

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Smart Watches

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 3% of respondents said they already own a smart watch like the Galaxy Gear. Another 11% said they would definitely be interested in owning one. 23% said they would probably be interested. 31% said they probably wouldn’t be interested. And 33% said they are definitely not interested in owning a smart watch.

Android Wear

Of those who are interested in smart watches, 24% said they would be very likely to choose a smart watch made by Google or one that runs on an Android operating system. 65% said they would be somewhat likely to choose a Google smart watch. 7% said they would be somewhat unlikely to go with a Google smart watch. And 3% said they would be very unlikely to choose a Google model.

But Android might not be the only brand or operating system getting into the smart watch game. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear does run an Android operating system currently, but there have been rumors about other companies like Apple possibly exploring the market as well. Of those interested in smart watches, 61% said they would be likely to consider a smart watch from Google. 58% would be interested in one from Samsung. 48% said they’d be interested in a smart watch from Apple. And 6% had other brands in mind, such as Motorola, Sony and LG.

Smartphone Users

60% of respondents said they currently own a smartphone. Smartphone owners were 8% more likely to be interested in smart watches and 2% more likely to already own one. And those who own an Android smartphone were 14% more likely to say that they’d definitely be interested in a Google smart watch.

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Results were collected on March 19 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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