Augmented Reality Survey: Pokemon Go Providing Boost to Industry

Augmented reality is a new form of technology that’s been gaining interest within the tech community for years. But until recently, there wasn’t an app or program that used it and managed to gain mass popularity with consumers. But Pokemon Go, the hugely popular app that lets people collect Pokemon in the world around them, has changed all that. In fact, a report from Digi-Capital suggests that augmented reality and virtual reality are poised to hit $150 billion by 2020. So how many consumers are interested in this technology? We asked 1,000 respondents if they’ve used it and gauged their level of interest for future use.

augmented reality

Augmented Reality

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 14% of consumers said that they know what augmented reality is. Another 19% have heard of it. And 68% haven’t heard of augmented reality. Overall, just 16% of respondents said they’ve used an app or tech program that uses augmented reality, a type of tech that provides users with a view of the world around them on a screen with computer generated sights or sounds included in those images. Pokemon Go was by far the most popular app or program mentioned by those respondents who have used augmented reality.

Of those who have used augmented reality apps or programs, 46% said that they know what augmented reality is. 24% have heard of it. And 30% had never heard of it. So while those consumers were more likely than others to understand the technology, having that understanding isn’t actually necessary to get people to download those apps or programs.

Consumer Opinions

Looking forward, 28% of respondents said they would be at least somewhat likely to use augmented reality apps or programs in the future. 45% said they would be unlikely to use those programs. And 27% were neutral. Of those who have already used augmented reality apps or programs, 73% said they would be at least somewhat likely to use them again in the future.

In general, 53% of respondents agreed that augmented reality is something that can encourage people to get out into the real world. But 72% think that augmented reality can encourage people to spend more time on their tech devices. And 70% think that augmented reality can lead to safety issues, like if people try to collect Pokemon while driving.

Pokemon Go

Overall, 15% of respondents said that they have played Pokemon Go. 17% haven’t played themselves, but have seen others play it. 64% haven’t played it, but have at least heard of it. And just 4% said they haven’t heard of Pokemon Go. Of those who own a smartphone or tablet, 19% have played Pokemon Go, but just 16% said they know what augmented reality is.

Key Takeaways

It seems that Pokemon Go has provided a major boost to the world of augmented reality. In fact, there are more consumers who have played Pokemon Go than those who actually understand what augmented reality is. And although having a strong understanding of the technology isn’t necessary to get people to download augmented reality programs, it can help. For that reason, using Pokemon Go or other popular programs to explain what another app or service does, rather than just saying it uses augmented reality, could actually help other tech companies get their offerings to appeal to consumers.

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Photo Credit: Pokemon GO by Eduardo Woo under CC BY 2.0

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Results were collected on July 20 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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