Collaborative Advertising Survey: Brand Loyalists Likely to Improve Perception of Collaborating Brands

Collaborative advertising is a tactic that has been used by companies for years. By advertising more than one brand or product together, companies hope to improve consumer perception by association, or by offering specials or deals to certain types of customers. But does brand perception really improve when consumers see their favorite brands taking part in collaborative advertising? And in what circumstances might this tactic impact buying decisions?

collaborative advertising

Brand Loyalty

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 69% of consumers said that there is at least one brand that they feel a strong loyalty to. Of those loyal customers, 11% said that if their favorite brand collaborated with another brand through advertising, their opinion about the other brand would definitely improve. 56% said that their opinion of a brand would probably improve if that brand took part in a collaborative advertising effort with their favorite company or product. 32% said their opinion of the other brand in a collaborative advertising effort would probably not improve. And just 1% said their opinion of the other brand would definitely not improve.

Collaborative Advertising

Overall, 32% of respondents said they have noticed ads where more than one product or brand was advertised, and they found it to be effective. 21% said they have noticed ads with more than one brand advertised, but they did not think they were effective. And 47% of consumers said they have never noticed ads that featured more than one product or brand. Consumers who felt a strong brand loyalty were more likely to notice collaborative advertising efforts and more likely to find them effective.

Special Deals

Recently, designer Isaac Mizrahi decided to take part in a collaborative advertising effort with General Motors, and also with daily deals site Living Social, by offering a clothing line exclusively available through that site. Exclusive deals like this can be considered a different form of collaboration that can be particularly effective for brand loyalists. 43% of respondents said they currently subscribe to a daily deals site like Living Social or Groupon. And 22% said they would definitely sign up for a daily deals site if a product they wanted was sold there exclusively. Another 52% said they would consider signing up.

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Results were collected on August 20 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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