Dan Wheldon Survey: Racing Not Worth the Risks

This week, Indy Car racer Dan Wheldon was killed in a 15-car pileup during a race in Las Vegas. The accident has caused Indy fans and officials to question the safety practices of these races. Should more be done to protect these drivers, or was this just a rare, freak accident?

dan wheldon

Have You Heard?

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 76.5% of respondents said they have heard about the accident that killed Dan Wheldon, and only 23.5% had not. However, a smaller percentage, only 12%, regularly watch Indy racing. 29.5% said they have watched it before, but don’t regularly, and 58.5% said they never watch it.

Safety Standards

The accident seems to have garnered a lot of public attention, but is that enough to warrant changing safety standards? 42.5% of respondents agree that safety standards should be improved in the wake of this incident. 22.3% believe that Indy officials should at least look into making some minor improvements, and 17.3% said no because the risks are limited and drivers are well aware of them.

What Would You Do?

So you know the risks, but would you ever go behind the wheel of an Indy car? 82.3% of respondents said they would definitely not consider being an Indy racer because of the risks. Only 6.8% said they would, and 11% said they might consider it.

What happened to Dan Wheldon was a tragedy. But was it just a rare accident or an incident that should warrant some changes in Indy racing safety?

Photo Credit: IndyCars-2007-1086 from Flickr

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