Our New E-book: Tracker Transformation: How Did We Get Here?

At AYTM we have a passionate commitment to quality research that is truly impactful to our client’s bottom line. We’ve made our own commitment to doing this and have challenged the industry’s clients, researchers and suppliers to do the same. An essential component of this commitment is the recognition that we need to change how we conduct research.


Why the time for tracker change is now

Our world of constant on-the-go connectedness has changed the way consumers participate in survey research, and the industry, despite of a lot of lip service, has not caught up. One of the biggest areas of concern is tracking.

For years researchers have run very carefully managed surveys to monitor brand awareness, market share, competitive positioning, satisfaction, and advertising effectiveness. State-of-the-art when they were created years ago, these studies are now universally crumbling.

What suppliers have done is tell clients what their research should look like. What they haven’t done, though, is help their clients successfully manage the transition. This is a subject where we have experience. In keeping with our belief that quality should be part of everything we do, we’re sharing our experience with our clients and the broader industry.

Starting today, and over the course of next few weeks, AYTM will be releasing our e-book Tracker Transformation: Managing Change in Trackers and Normed Studies. The book is specifically designed for corporate researchers and consultants who are tackling these challenges to ensure their brands continue to measure their markets and their performance accurately.

Download chapter one to explore the case for change in tracker studies and whether the methodologies you’re using are fit for purpose. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing subsequent chapters:

You’re also welcome to download the full e-book including Chapter 5: But What About…? (The most frequently asked questions about going through a change of this nature)