Facebook On This Day Survey: Some Users Interested in Seeing Old Posts

This week, Facebook unveiled a new feature that shows users some of their posts on the site from the same day in past years. So if you log onto the site on March 31, it might show you a photo that you posted on March 31 last year or several years ago. So how many are interested in the new Facebook On This Day feature? Or are many people already using similar apps or services?



In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 80% of respondents said they enjoy looking at old photos. But just 42% said they like looking back through old social media posts. But the whole point of Facebook’s new On This Day feature is to take the work out of looking back through those old posts, and instead just remind people of the things they did, saw and thought about in the past. And 72% of respondents agree that nostalgia can be a powerful marketing tool.

Social Media Use

For people to be even remotely interested in the new Facebook feature, they have to actually create posts. Otherwise there would be nothing to look at. 6% of overall respondents said they create posts on social media multiple times per day. 12% do so daily. 16% post to social media a few times per week. 5% post about once per week. 13% just post a few times per month. 27% said they rarely ever create posts on social media. And 20% never do.

But Facebook isn’t the first platform that can show people the things they posted on social media in past years. Apps like Timehop have been providing this same type of service for years. But currently, 78% of respondents don’t use any of those apps or services. 15% use one. And 8% said they have multiple apps or subscriptions that show their social media posts from past years.

Facebook On This Day

Just 41% of respondents who use Facebook said they would be interested in seeing some of their posts from past years at the top of their news feeds. Currently, the feature just shows the old posts privately, but users can choose to re-post the photos or text if they would like. And 39% of Facebook users said they would be likely to re-post some of those old photos or Facebook posts.

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Photo Credit: Timehop v1.0.1 coming soon to an App Store near you! from Flickr

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Results were collected on March 30 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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