Google+ Pages Survey: Many Connect with Brands via Social Media

Google’s social networking site, Google+, has announced the launch of Google+ Pages, which businesses can use to connect with their customers and fans. On other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, users can already like or follow their favorite brands, but how many actually use this feature? And will they use it on Google+?

google+ pages

Google+ Users

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 35.5% of respondents said they currently have an account on Google+. Of the 64.5% who do not have an account, 31% said they’d consider signing up at some point, 27.1% said they wouldn’t, and 41.9% said they don’t know what Google+ is.

Of the respondents who do use Google+, 21.1% said they will definitely connect with brands using Google+ Pages, 36.6% said they will not, and 42.3% were undecided.

Connecting with Brands

On other social networking sites, 52.5% of respondents already connect with some of their favorite brands and companies. 31% use social networking sites but do not connect with brands, and 16.5% do not use social networking at all.

Why Connect?

But why do some people choose to connect with these brands and others don’t? 76.2% said they connect with brands to learn about contests and giveaways, 69% said they connect to learn about special offers and sales, 55.2% said they connect to learn about changes or new features with the company, 37.6% do it to show support for their favorite brands, and 21.9% do it so their friends will know what their favorite brands are.

Some of these reasons could still apply for brands using Google+ Pages, so maybe more users will loosen up to the idea of connecting with brands on the site. Will Google+ Pages prove to be as popular as some of the brands on other sites?

Photo Credit: Google+ Pages have arrived! from Flickr

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