Healthy Habits Survey: Most Eat Healthy Without Official Diet Plans

At this point in the year, many Americans have given up on the gym memberships and the official diet plans that they started on January 1. So how many Americans have healthy habits throughout the rest of the year? How many care about striving for a healthy lifestyle?

healthy habits

Eating Habits

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 11% of respondents said they consider their overall diet to be very healthy. 65% said they have a somewhat healthy diet. 19% said they have somewhat unhealthy eating habits. And 7% said they consider their eating habits to be very unhealthy.


Only 4% of respondents said that they are currently on an official diet plan. 21% said that they have tried many different diet plans in the past. Another 18% said they have just tried out one official diet plan. And 58% of respondents said that they have never been on an official diet plan before. Of those who have never dieted, 9% said they have very healthy eating habits, and 65% said they have somewhat healthy eating habits.


15% of respondents said that they currently belong to a gym or similar facility. Another 23% said that they have joined a gym or similar facility in the past. And 62% have never belonged to a gym.

However, 16% of respondents said they exercise daily. 29% said they exercise several times per week. 11% said they do so about once per week. 6% said they just exercise every few weeks. 25% of respondents said they rarely exercise. And 15% said they never exercise.

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Results were collected on February 13 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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