Jobs Plan Survey: Americans, Congress Need to Learn More

President Obama recently unveiled a new jobs plan that he hopes will help decrease the unemployment rate and put more Americans back to work. The plan has yet to go through Congress, and many Americans are still unsure of what it actually entails. But there’s no question that something must be done to improve the country’s economic outlook.

obama jobs plan

Approval Ratings

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, only 24.5% of respondents said they think President Obama has been working hard to try and improve the US economy. 34.6% said they don’t believe he has been working hard, and 29.2% said they think he is trying but not doing enough.

The approval rating for Congress was even worse. Only 3.9% said they think Congress is working hard to try and improve the economy. 56% said they don’t think Congress is working hard, and 27.1% said they are trying, but not doing enough.

Higher Taxes

Part of President Obama’s plan includes tax hikes for wealthy Americans. Many Republicans are against this idea, but 74.2% of respondents in’s survey said they think it is a good idea. However, when asked if they would be okay with paying higher taxes themselves, 55.2% did not approve, and only 44.8% said they would be okay with paying higher taxes.

The Jobs Plan

When it comes to the rest of Obama’s plan, 49% of respondents said they don’t have enough information yet to make an informed judgment. 19.8% said they think it is a bad plan, and Congress should not pass it. 17.2% said it seems like a good plan, and Congress should pass it as soon as possible. And 14.1% said it seems like an okay plan, but Congress should make some changes before passing it.

It seems as though the jury is still out on Obama’s jobs plan. For now, Congress will debate the pros and cons, as will many Americans. Only time will tell whether the plan will come to fruition or become the victim of partisan gridlock.

Photo Credit: Obama in Terre Haute from Flickr

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