Kindle Fire Survey: Small Price Tag May Equal Success

Amazon has just unveiled plans for its new tablet, the Kindle Fire. Many believe the Kindle Fire will be the only really viable competition for Apple’s iPad, which until now had a pretty strong hold over the tablet market. The Amazon tablet will reportedly only cost $199, which is less expensive than most, if not all, currently available tablet computers. Because of this, tech and business experts are predicting a hugely successful launch for the Kindle Fire. Will this launch prove to be a huge success or a huge let-down?

kindle fire

Amazon Success

Amazon is already a household name, and for good reason. In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 74.5% of respondents said they have bought a book or other item from the site. Amazon’s other success story, the Kindle, is a little smaller in scale. Only 9% of respondents currently own one, however only 12.5% own any kind of e-reader, so the Kindle is taking up a great deal of that market.

Tablet Users

Slightly less popular than e-readers as of yet, 8.5% of respondents currently own a tablet like the iPad. Could this number change when Amazon releases its version? Possibly. 8% said they would definitely consider buying the Amazon tablet. 12% said they would definitely consider buying a tablet, and that Amazon’s would be in the running. 47% said that buying a tablet isn’t really on their radar now, but they would consider it in the future. And 33% said they are definitely not lining up to purchase the Kindle Fire.

Show Me the Money

When asked about important features that would affect their decision on purchasing a tablet, there’s no mistaking that price is king. 89.2% of those who said they would consider purchasing a tablet said that price would definitely be a key factor. 70.1% said they want a tablet that’s easy to use, 64.2% said they want a variety of apps, 54.1% said they care about design and visual appeal, and 50.4% said they want the ability to stream movies and TV shows.

Since the Amazon tablet will reportedly cost just $199, as compared to $499 for the Apple iPad, it’s hard to believe that people wouldn’t buy it. It does have fewer features and is a few inches smaller, but the price tag matches. Will Americans choose a lower price tag with fewer features, or continue to save up for larger tablets with larger price tags?

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