Lip-Sync Apps Survey: Snapchat Users Most Likely to Use Apps

Lip-sync apps like Dubsmash and have been gaining popularity over the past few years. In fact, even recently reached the 60 million mark in young users, according to Yahoo Finance. So how many people already use lip-sync apps? And what is the main draw behind apps like these? We asked 1,000 respondents what they think about lip-sync apps and mobile apps in general.

lip-sync apps

Lip-Sync Apps

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 9% of respondents said that they’ve used lip-sync apps. Dubsmash was the most popular app mentioned by those respondents, with as the second most popular. Although the sample size was small, it does seem like those who use lip-sync apps use them often. 24% said they’ve used those apps in the last day. 20% have used them in the past week. And 19% have used them in the past month.

Mobile Applications

Although not many people use actual lip-sync apps, it seems that many would have the ability to download them. 69% of overall respondents said they currently have a smartphone. Of those respondents, 19% said they’ve downloaded new mobile apps within the past day. 28% have downloaded new mobile apps in the past week. 21% have done so in the past month. 14% have within the past three months. 6% have within the past year. 5% said it’s been over a year since they last downloaded any new mobile apps. And 8% of smartphone owners said they aren’t mobile app consumers.

There are, of course, many different types of mobile apps for people to choose from. 70% of mobile consumers said they have apps for social media platforms. 55% use gaming apps. 51% have shopping apps. 47% have photo or video apps. 38% have entertainment apps. 36% have news apps. 32% have utility apps. And 25% have informational apps.

There are also many different factors for people to consider when choosing which mobile apps to download. 23% of mobile consumers consider cost to be important when it comes to choosing mobile apps. 22% consider the general purpose to be important. 19% value ease of use. 17% like apps that are fun or entertaining. 11% look for apps that are compatible with other apps or social networks. And 8% value apps that come with personal recommendations from friends.

Social Media Use

Social media may be a big driving factor behind people using lip-sync apps. Overall, 42% of respondents said that they currently use multiple social media platforms. And 33% use one. Facebook is the most popular, with 93% of social media users saying they currently use it. 50% use YouTube. 49% use Twitter. 35% use Pinterest. 34% use Instagram. 21% use LinkedIn. 16% use Snapchat. And 15% use Tumblr. Social media users in general were a bit more likely to use lip-sync apps. More specifically, users of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube were a bit more likely to use lip-sync apps. And Snapchat users were the most likely to say that they’ve used lip-sync apps.

In addition, 9% of social media users said that they often see other people post lip-sync videos from apps like Dubsmash and on social media. 19% see those posts sometimes. 18% rarely ever see them. And 54% never do. Of those who have seen videos from lip-sync apps on social media, 21% said that they’ve also used lip-sync apps themselves.

Key Takeaways

While few currently use lip-sync apps, that could change in the coming months if some trends continue. For the creators of lip-sync apps like Dubsmash and, targeting the right customers can be key. Since people on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are more likely to use those apps, companies could target those consumers to make that content even more common. And once more consumers see that type of content online, they could be more likely to try out those apps for themselves.

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Results were collected on July 4 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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