Netflix Proves It’s Still the Original Binge Hub

Image courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has now become a portal for the digital age allowing users to access thousands of shows and movies with just a click of a button. When asked, users of Netflix claimed they consume 15- 20 hours of TV per week with 30% of users stating they consume more than 20 hours of TV a week. With recent brands beginning to offer their own streaming services, some have questioned if Netflix will survive with its original series and films.


To Binge or Not to Binge?

There is no question that the Netflix brand is a strong one. Phrases such as “Netflix and Chill” and “I’ll just wait till it hits Netflix” are popular amongst the streaming community. Netflix has become our new source of entertainment and binge watching is more and more becoming the norm. When asking Netflix users if they choose to binge watch shows or pace themselves, an overwhelming 66%, claimed they prefer to binge watch. But does this help push Netflix above other streaming services?

Image courtesy of Netflix


Stranger Things – No Stranger to Netflix Users

The Netflix original show, Stranger Things, took us by storm last year and with its return, we asked Netflix users if they plan to watch the second season. Because bingers will always stand true to their craft, 65% of users stated they will be returning for season 2.

It is no surprise with the popularity of Stranger Things that Netflix users plan to watch the second season, but when asking what other Netflix original shows they choose to watch, over 46% watch Orange is the New Black whereas 36% watch House of Cards and 39% watch one of the Marvel series contenders. Based on these results, when asking users if Netflix only streamed their original series and movies, would they still have an account, 47% said yes.


Streaming the New Cable?

Netflix has made connecting to the realm of entertainment more available and affordable but they aren’t the only streaming service out there. When Netflix users were asked if they have another streaming service, 53% claimed they have Amazon Instant Video and over 39% claimed to subscribe to Hulu. In addition, when users were asked whether they had a cable or satellite subscription in addition to Netflix, 73% claimed that they indeed did.



The Takeaway

It is clear Netflix has made its mark on the entertainment community, fans are interested in the originality of shows and movies Netflix has been delivering. But like all pioneers who pave the way there will always be competitors. Many users although having other streaming services still have cable or satellite in addition to their Netflix subscription, leading us to believe that they value the ease and originality Netflix has created.