New Facebook Layout Survey: Users Hate Changes, Won’t Leave Facebook

Many Facebook users were surprised this week when they logged on to the social networking site to find a completely new layout. Facebook frequently changes design elements, but it is currently in the process of a complete site overhaul and will continue to add new features. Many statuses posted on the site proclaimed users’ dissatisfaction with the new layout, some even claiming to want to leave the site as a result. Will the changes and features actually cause a decrease in Facebook usage, or will people grow to love the new Facebook layout?

new facebook layout

Facebook Usage

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 39.8% of respondents said they log onto Facebook multiple times per day. 19.5% said they log on daily, 13.5% said they log on regularly, 14% said they log on rarely, and 13.2% said they never log on.

There are so many different features of the site, from the news feed to fan pages to events and games. 79.7% of respondents who use Facebook said they regularly use the messaging feature. 48.5% use chat, 40.3% use events, 39.1% use games, 30.9% use groups, 27.1% use apps, and 16.2% use lists.

The New Layout

Upon logging onto the site this week and seeing the new changes, 25.1% of respondents said they absolutely hated the new layout. 23% said they don’t like it, but will get used to it eventually. 19.3% said they don’t have an opinion about the new layout one way or the other, and only 9.5% said they liked the new layout.

Where Will They Go?

Among all the threats to leave Facebook due to the new design and features, it seems that most of it was just talk. 25.9% of respondents said they would not leave Facebook because of a new layout, no matter how much they dislike it. And another 50.9% said they would not leave the site, but might consider using it less. Only 13.8% said they might consider leaving Facebook because of a bad redesign and 9.4% said they are currently considering leaving for this reason.

Facebook is definitely the most popular social networking site at the moment. 89.7% of respondents have a Facebook account. The next most popular site is YouTube, which is used by 39.1% of respondents. 36.7% use Twitter, 17.9% use MySpace, 17.2% use Google+, 10.8% use LinkedIn, and 14.2% use other social networking sites.

The new Facebook layout that debuted this week is apparently just the beginning of the new site features. Music, videos, and other features will reportedly roll out in the coming weeks. Will users welcome these new features or protest to get the old Facebook back again?

Photo Credit: Mark Zuckerberg @ f8 from Flickr

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