New Year’s Differs for Married Couples

Since the conception of spending New Years in Time Square in 1904, many have traveled, watched and participated in watching the ball drop at midnight. Speculations of who you are going to kiss, what you should be doing for luck in the New Year and how you can accomplish your resolutions all arise during New Year’s Eve. 


Party to Midnight

Forty-five percent plan to party this New Year’s Eve, and 54% of those people will be going out to celebrate at a party. However, the remaining 21% will be celebrating at home. Married couples are leading the way to be out and about this year, with 80% going to a bar or party compared to 68% of people who are single.

Family time is important for the New Year. Those attending parties are taking the time to spend time primarily with family rather than friends, with 59% claiming the party will be with family and 41% attending a party with friends.

Traditions to Bring in the New Year’s

Despite popular belief, only 34% choose to partake in New Years traditions, while 37% do not. Married couples once again lead the way and are more likely to participate in New Year traditions (49%) compared to singles (29%). More married couples (55%) are participating  in the popular tradition, kissing at midnight and singles lead the way with colorful underwear (38%) than any other tradition. This comes as no surprise with knowing that the color underwear tradition is believed to better one’s self and one’s romantic life.



Getting Organized Vs. Learn New Hobbies

New Year’s resolutions are tricky to make and even harder to keep. Married couples top resolutions for the coming year are to get organized (47%)  and spend more time with family and friends (49%). While singles are more interested in learning new hobbies (52%) and reading more (45%).

How to Keep Track

Keeping track of resolutions throughout the year can be difficult, and we asked respondents how they plan to monitor their resolutions. Overall, forty percent just plan to remind themselves, 23% will be posting reminders where they can see them, and 20% choose to keep their resolutions in a journal.

The Takeaway

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the past and the future, many are eager to celebrate with their significant other or with themselves.  It comes as no surprise that a popular New Year’s tradition, kissing at midnight, is still just as popular as it has been throughout the years but now seems to be more popular with married couples. Although, not as many plan to actively participate in New Year’s resolutions, those who are plan to do it write – by writing down their resolutions to keep track.