Online Paywalls Survey: Americans Much More Likely to Pay for Print Publications

Online paywalls have been a part of online news since the early days of the internet. But many sites have veered away from charging for content due to consumers not wanting to pay such fees. Now, Esquire is experimenting with charging for one standalone feature per month. How do readers feel about paying for specific content online?

online news

Online News

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 43% said they read news, magazines, and similar content online every day. 27% said they read online content a few times per week. 8% read online content just about once per week. 17% said they rarely read content online. And just 6% said they never do.

Online Paywalls

But one of the pros of reading news online is that there’s rarely any payment involved. So just 5% of those who read news or similar content online said that they subscribe to multiple paid news sites or online magazines. 7% said they subscribe to just one paid content source online. And 88% said they don’t subscribe to any paid news sources online.

You don’t necessarily have to be a subscriber to pay for online content. Like with Esquire’s new initiative, you can pay a smaller fee to read a specific piece of content. However, just 3% of those who don’t already subscribe to paid news sites said they’ve paid to read specific content online. And just another 3% said they would definitely consider it. 14% said they would probably pay to read specific content online if it was relevant to them. 44% said they probably wouldn’t ever pay to read specific content online. And 36% said they definitely wouldn’t pay to read online content.

Print News

Print and online are very different formats for news and other content, but they can provide much of the same information. However, many more respondents, 22%, pay to subscribe to multiple print news sources or magazines. 24% said they subscribe to one print publication. And 55% don’t subscribe to any print publications.

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Results were collected on July 8 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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