Online Privacy Survey: Concerns Don’t Alter Much Common Online Behavior

Online privacy remains a complicated issue for many Americans. With things like online shopping and social media, many have expressed concerns that their information will be shared with third parties and somehow find its way into the wrong hands. How do privacy issues actually impact the way Americans use the internet?

online privacy

Privacy Concerns

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 49% of respondents said that they are very concerned with online privacy. Another 39% said they are somewhat concerned. 9% said they are not very concerned. And just 3% of respondents said that they are not concerned at all about online privacy. In general, 67% of respondents said that privacy concerns have kept them from joining certain sites or doing other types of online activities.

Privacy Policies

Although many have expressed concerns, just 12% of respondents said that they always read the privacy policies of the sites they use. 23% said they read privacy policies most of the time. 25% read them about half the time. 32% said they rarely read privacy policies. And 9% said they never do.

Online Behavior

45% of overall respondents said that they use social media every day. Another 28% said they sometimes use it. 16% said they rarely use social media. And 11% said they never do. Of those who said they are very concerned with online privacy, 42% said they still use social media daily, and only 11% said they never use it.

Just 9% of overall respondents said they shop online daily. But 75% said they sometimes shop online. 12% said they rarely shop online. And just 4% said they never do. Of those very concerned with online privacy, 13% actually said they shop online daily, and just 5% said they never shop online.

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Photo Credit: Facebook privacy settings from Flickr

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Results were collected on March 12 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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