Royal Baby Survey: People Generally Happy With Baby’s Name

Prince William and Kate Middleton just introduced the newest member of England’s Royal Family this week. The Royal Baby, who has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, is now part of a family that has captured the attention of people around the world for generations. So how many people have been following news about the Royal Baby and the Royal Family in general? And what would they have chosen as the baby’s name?

royal baby

Royal Family

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 34% of respondents said they are generally interested in news surrounding the British Royal Family. 42% said they aren’t really interested in the Royal Family. And 24% are neutral about them.

Royal Baby

More specifically, just 5% of respondents said they have closely followed news coverage about the newest Royal Baby. Another 22% said they have followed Royal Baby news coverage somewhat closely. 29% said they have seen some news coverage about the Royal Baby without actually seeking it out. 37% haven’t followed any Royal Baby news coverage. And just 6% said they weren’t even aware that there was a new Royal Baby.

Of those who have followed Royal Baby news coverage, 43% said they have done so by watching TV or listening to the radio. 41% have gotten Royal Baby updates from online news sites. 25% said they have followed Royal Baby updates on social media. 17% have read updates in newspapers or magazines. And 11% have gotten updates just by talking to others.

Baby Names

Before the Royal Baby’s name was officially announced, many people had their own ideas or preferences for what she should be called. But it seems like the parents did a good job picking out a people-pleasing name, because Charlotte, Elizabeth and Diana were the most popular names chosen by respondents. Diana was the number one most popular choice for the Royal Baby’s name. Other names included Victoria, Alice, Diane, Kate, Olivia, Alexandra, Mary and Rose.

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Photo Credit: I Royal Baby delle monarchie europee from Flickr

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Results were collected on May 4 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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