The fraud temptation lurking in our hearts

Jan. 23, 2015

Trustev, creator of e-commerce antifraud technology (and voted one of the Hottest Global Startups by Forbes), has recently had the results of their “Credit Card – Online Shopping” Survey featured in Internet Retailer, and we’re proud to have been their market research partner for this study! Occasional dishonesty is harder to track than consistent fraud, hence the online retailer interest in learning the mindset of sometime-fraudsters.

Credit cards

Among other findings:

– 24 percent aren’t bothered much by the idea of falsely disputing online transaction charges

– About 12 percent have disputed a charge when they may have actually been responsible for the purchase under discussion

– 17 percent dispute charges directly with their bank instead of contacting the merchant, resulting in additional costs to merchants and denying retailers the chance to resolve the issue themselves

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Featured photo credit: “Credit Cards” by Sean MacEntee, used under CC BY 2.0