The Future is Mobile

The new generation of market research has long graduated from the traditional market research methodologies that consisted of in-person interviews, mailed or written questionnaires, and telephone surveys. Innovative research techniques like mobile surveys are helping businesses generate better insights.

Mobile market research connects businesses with consumers via smartphones. Connecting to consumers directly allows businesses to easily collect insights from consumers and shoppers on their product usage, consumption behavior, shopping decisions, or in-store experience. Through mobile market research, consumers/shoppers can be triggered according to their behavior, answers can include rich multimedia, and locations can be easily tracked. Moreover, leveraging mobile technology will allow businesses access to data in real-time rather than waiting for a couple of weeks.

Advantages of Mobile Market Research

In order to reap the many benefits of mobile market research, it is important to discover some of the key advantages.

  • Fast, Easy, & Convenient: Mobile surveys allow respondents to participate in a questionnaire from any location! Responding to a short survey, on a small device, that resides in a pocket, purse, or briefcase is as simple as it gets. From a respondent perspective, there is minimal effort required to partake in an online survey through a mobile device that is already activated and in-hand. In addition to easy access, mobile surveys tend to be more engaging and fun, which typically translates to improved participation rates. Overall, the instantaneous nature of a mobile exchange facilitates faster turnaround times and enhances the quality of the data by eliminating the concerns associated with memory and inaccurate recollection errors.


  • Accuracy: Since most of the information gathered through mobile market research is user-generated, there is a significant value in the increased accuracy of the collected data. Accumulating bits of data through a series of communications that generate a better knowledge base of consumer reactions allows market researchers to get a precise read on the exact moment a decision is made, or the point of decision. Having a better understanding of a participant’s decision-making process can help a company tailor their product or services to better meet consumer demands. On a more fundamental level, there is a massive benefit when providing surveys to respondents during their actual experiences. If respondents provide feedback during their experience, there is an increased chance of collecting candid answers since respondents are providing an instinctual response.


  • High Definition Data:  Mobile devices are compact and becoming increasingly more intelligent as technology evolves. With little disruption, smartphones allow for the collection of user-generated content such as videos and images immediately from the respondent’s mobile devices. In comparison to traditional research methodologies, mobile surveys can collect data in situations and supply it in forms that were once unimaginable. Today’s devices have high resolution and video capabilities where participants can connect to the internet to instantly receive a survey and upload answers attached with multimedia supporting evidence. Remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Mobile research had modernized the way business owners can get in touch with their customer base. With faster and more accurate data, businesses are able to quickly analyze and apply their gained insights to market data and consumer demands.

The Takeaway

There will be growing pains with any new era of research practices. Market researchers should be aware of issues associated with; wireless network services, calibrations for various mobile platforms, and optimal optimization techniques across devices. These apprehensions and others will be gradually dismissed as the market research industry circles the wagons around mobile technology. Fortunately, the advancement in technology does pave the way to improved research methods for businesses and researchers that are ready to ready to embrace the advantages of mobile research.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ariel Hagaman, VP of Operations
I was born and raised in New Jersey, and currently work for AYTM as Director of Client Services. I am a graduate of the University of Phoenix, and have always found that I am at my best when working with people. My favorite past-times are reading, skiing, and yoga!