Whole Foods Survey: New Stores Could Lead to Many New Customers

Health food store Whole Foods is opening some new stores in Detroit, New Orleans, and Chicago that will feature lower prices and some different food options. Will this repositioning impact people’s opinions of the brand? Or will it entice more people to shop there?

whole foods

Whole Foods

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, just 8% of respondents said that they often shop at Whole Foods stores. 20% said that they sometimes shop at Whole Foods. 14% rarely shop there. And 59% said they have never shopped at Whole Foods.

But there are plenty of other organic or health food stores where consumers can shop. However, just 6% of respondents said that they often shop at other health food stores. 25% said that they sometimes do. 18% said they rarely do. And 52% said they never shop at health food stores other than Whole Foods.

Price Perception

With Whole Foods’ latest changes, bringing lower priced options to different areas, it could very well impact how many customers the chain will have. 63% said that lower prices would make them more likely to shop at Whole Foods or similar stores. Just 8% said that lower prices would make them less likely to shop at Whole Foods or similar stores. And 29% said that a change in price wouldn’t impact their shopping habits at all.

Store Locations

Location is another reason why some people choose other stores. In general, 25% of respondents said that there is definitely a Whole Foods or similar store near them. 27% said that there is one somewhat close. And 49% said there isn’t a health food store in their area. Of those who are at least somewhat close to one, 13% said they often shop at Whole Foods and another 9% often shop at similar stores.

You can view the complete survey results in the widget below and be sure to click “Open Full Report” to take advantage of all the chart and filter options.

Photo Credit: Tulsa Whole Foods from Flickr

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Results were collected on June 5 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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