Wine Blends Survey: Few Likely to Try New Wines This Year

There are a few big trends having an impact on the wine industry this year, including blended wines. Wine blends are growing in popularity this year, according to data from Beverage Dynamics. And there are already plenty of wine blends and even cocktail options entering the beverage market. So what do consumers think about this growing sector of the wine industry? We asked 1,000 respondents about their wine buying habits and their thoughts on wine blends.

wine blends

Wine Consumers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 7% of respondents said that they’ve purchased or consumed wine in the past day. 11% have within the past week. 12% have within the past month. 10% last drank wine within the past three months. 9% have had wine within the past year. 12% said it’s been more than a year. And 39% are not wine consumers.

In general, 28% of wine consumers said they enjoy merlot. 24% like both chardonnay and moscato. 21% like pinot noir. 18% like both cabernet and reisling. 16% named wine blends as a favorite. 11% like pinot gris. 7% had named other favorites such as zinfandel and shiraz. And 21% said they have no opinion. In terms of brands, Barefoot, Gallo, Sutter Home and Cupcake were all named as favorites by wine consumers.

Wine Purchases

When it comes to making wine purchases, 53% of wine consumers said they normally purchase at grocery stores. 47% purchase wine at liquor stores. 25% buy it at restaurants. 19% go to specialty wine stores. 15% buy wine at bars. 14% buy it at vineyards or wineries. And 6% buy wine from other sources, like special events.

When making those buying decisions, 32% of wine consumers said that price is their most important determining factor. 31% care most about taste. 23% consider the type of wine to be most important. 8% value quality above all else. 4% care about the brand name. Just 1% care about the wine’s region of origin. And less than 1% care most about convenience when it comes to their wine purchases.

Wine Blends

Just 4% of respondents said that they last tried a new wine variety that they’ve never had before within the past day. 7% last tried new wines within the past week. 15% did so within the past month. 16% have within the past three months. 18% have within the past year. 26% said it’s been more than a year since they last tried a new wine they had never tried before. And 13% said they don’t ever try new wines.

Looking forward, 37% of all respondents said that they’re at least somewhat likely to try new wines within the next year. And of those who are at least somewhat likely to try new wines within the next year, 78% are at least somewhat likely to try wine blends or wine-based cocktails within the next year.

Key Takeaways

A fair amount of consumers are at least open to trying wine blends within the next year. In fact, the majority of those who are likely to try any new wines within the next year said that they are likely to try wine blends. So if companies that make those wine blends want to get even more people to try those varieties, they need to get more wine consumers interested in trying new wines in general. Since most wine consumers buy wines in grocery stores and liquor stores, it could be a good practice to focus messaging there. And if you’re targeting wine consumers who are likely to stick with the types of wine they’re already familiar with, it could potentially be beneficial to create signage or other messaging that compares wine blends to those existing wines they’ve already tried. If you give those consumers an idea about what the wine blend is like, they could be more likely to veer away from what they’re already familiar with, especially if you can entice them to make the switch using factors like price and/or taste.

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Photo Credit: Final Blend Wine. by Paul Swansen under CC BY-ND 2.0

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Results were collected on October 24-29 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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