Yahoo Screen Survey: New Season of Community Could Bring Viewers

Community, the offbeat comedy that has aired on NBC over the past five years, was cancelled before it got the chance at a sixth season. However, Yahoo decided to bring back the show to air online on its Yahoo Screen platform. Yahoo Screen isn’t currently the most popular outlet for online TV, but bringing in a show with an existing audience could have an impact. Would viewers subscribe to an online platform to continue watching their favorite TV shows?

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Online TV

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 17% of respondents said that they watch TV online often. 30% said they sometimes watch TV online. 22% rarely watch TV online. And 31% said they never watch TV online.

There are plenty of online platforms available for TV viewing. Some are subscription services and others are just widely available. The most popular of these platforms is YouTube – 51% said they use it to watch TV online. 45% said they use Netflix to watch TV online. 29% go to the specific website of the show or channel they want to watch. 29% use Hulu. 18% use Amazon Instant Video. And just 6% use Yahoo Screen to watch TV online.

Viewing Habits

Original programming is one way that these services are trying to set themselves apart from the competition. Yahoo Screen’s new season of Community could be a difference-maker for that platform. In fact, 50% of online TV viewers said they watch original programming that can only be viewed on certain online platforms. But 72% watch traditional TV shows that are also available online.

Original Programming

So how much of an impact can this kind of programming have on a platform? 34% of overall respondents said that if one of their favorite shows was cancelled but brought back on an online platform, they would definitely continue to watch it. 40% said they would probably continue watching it. 19% said they probably would not keep watching the show. And just 8% said they definitely wouldn’t.

More specifically, just 9% said they would subscribe to a paid online platform just to continue watching a particular show. 24% said they would probably consider subscribing just to see one of their favorite shows. 40% said they probably would not subscribe for that reason. And 27% said they definitely wouldn’t subscribe.

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Results were collected on July 6 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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